Saturday, October 6, 2018

SuzUkulele Book One

SuzUkulele Book One Sheet Music

Exercise for Changing Strings

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Variations and Theme

Tonalization # 1

Lightly Row

Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Song of the Wind

Tonalization # 2

Perpetual Motion


Tanz #1

Tanz #2

SuzUkulele MP3s


6.   Allegretto
7.   Tanz #1

8.   Tanz #2

Ukulele Karate

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Ukulele Tutorials

First Steps in learning to play the Ukulele-Video Tutorials

1. First step: Inspiration! Listen to songs featuring the Ukulele.

2. Next step: Learn to hold the Ukulele properly. Very important! We cannot play music if we aren't comfortable holding our instruments in an efficient manner, always ready to play.

3. Basic, beginning strumming technique and hand posture

Using your “strumming hand” (right hand. I suggest that lefties also play right-handed as left-handed folks are likely ambidextrous), make a “loose fist”.  Point your index finger toward your instrument and strum down using your fingernail. When strumming up, use the fleshy bottom tip of your index finger. Strum from the wrist, not with the arm or entire hand. Count to 4 with a steady beat and strum on 1-2-3-4 repeat over and over.  Start with all strings "open". this is a C6 chord. Always keep both hand fingers close to the instrument in "playing position". If you strum from the wrist, you should be always ready for the next strum and next chord.

4. Learn the names of the Ukulele strings and your first song!

This file was a little long and not accepted by Blogger, please watch on YouTube!

5. Learn a few chords, this is a chord diagram chart for beginners:

Beginning Ukulele Students at Work